A Summer Birth

The summer has been a scorcher, and this day was no different.  After waiting in so much anticipation, I got a text bright and early from Dad that they were at the hospital and inching closer to Baby.  Every birth has its own life, and this birth was no exception. Mama was waiting on her third precious baby, and had gone in to be induced first thing on a Monday morning. I got the call to head to the hospital as I was finishing breakfast, so I gathered my gear and made my way there. On my way to the hospital, I stopped for coffees for the wonderful nurses and staff as a reminder that they play an important role in every baby’s birthday. Summer has been a scorcher, and this day was no exception.

Once I got to the hospital, I made my way excitedly to their room. The room was peaceful a The room was peaceful and dim - Dad managed the birthing playlist as Mama rode the waves of contractions; an oil diffuser sat in the corner with a pilar of scented steam rising into the dark. The sun peeked through the blinds creating a soft light, but allowed for Mom to rest and reserve her strength.

It wasn't long before things kicked into high gear and it was clear this baby was going to celebrate her birthday very soon! Mama decided to help things along at the "dilation station" - supporting baby into a great birthing position. She also grabbed a quick juice boost, and was back to laboring in bed. As her waves of contractions built, each one brought Baby closer and closer. Transition happened quickly (at least for those of us not laboring...), and it was time to push!

The nurses called for the doctor, but it was early enough in the day that she hadn't come on for her shift yet, so they grabbed a doctor on the floor so things could move along. Babies don't wait for anyone! After a few intense pushes, the sweetest little girl was in her mother's arms. The roar of excitement settled into the peace and joy of new life. And, as with every precious baby born, this little girl was the newest person on the planet for a moment in time.

After the nurses worked to ensure everyone was healthy, they left the room to allow Mom and Baby to settle into each other, and take it all in. Dad stayed right by their side, and gazed at his precious new daughter, only looking up when someone popped their head in, or needed a question answered. The mood was serene. After a couple of hours of skin-to-skin time with Mom, the nurse came to weigh, measure, and bundle sweet Baby. She was perfect in every way!

Being a part of someone's birth story is truly incredible, and I am grateful to every family who has allowed me the opportunity to exist in this space and slice of life with them.

Here's to a beautiful summer birth story!

Husband supporting his wife through contractions during her birth in Lafayette Colorado

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Safe in Mama's Arms

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