Emotional and Healing Birth of Rainbow Baby Hollie

It has been a HOT summer in Colorado. This July Monday was no different. It was clear blue skies and temps in the nineties before ten a.m.. Mom was set to be induced bright and early, and both Mom and Dad were overjoyed and excited. Their sweet son was home with Grandpa, excitedly awaiting his baby sister's arrival! Most parents expect second births to go more quickly than firsts, but Hollie wasn't quite ready to make her debut. As babies often do, she made her own timeline. Mom labored throughout the day and into the afternoon - playing cards, chatting with her mom and husband, and snacking.

As the evening progressed, labor stalled, though not for long. The nurses gave a whiff of pitocin, and things kicked into high gear. The evening nurse checked in and brought a new level of energy with her - it was clear from the start that she was not leaving her shift without meeting this baby (find me a labor and delivery nurse who doesn't love a birthday!). As the shivers set in, so did the anticipation! Baby was almost here! There is a transition in birth, a subtle but noticeable shift in the air. It's the moments just before a baby is born, and not just among the parents. Nurses get excited, mom gets quiet, that baby's team gets excited, and the room fills with people and emotion. On this night, the shift was nearly imperceptible, but present just the same. Everyone was ready to meet the newest member of the family, and celebrate a birthday!

After just a few short minutes, sweet Hollie was in her mother's arms, a moment of triumph, grace, power, and relief. She laid quietly, skin to skin, adjusting to the new world and soaking in every ounce of her mom. As her mother put it so perfectly: The Storm Is Over, Our Rainbow Is Here. Welcome to the world, sweet Hollie - it was a privilege to be part of your birth day. To all the days ahead!