Labor Day Labor: A Temecula Birth Story

Birth is so unpredictable, and this was no exception! I have known this mama since we were babies ourselves, literally! Life has happened, and we live faraway lives, but somehow find our way back to each other through the years. We made a split-second decision that I was going to wing my way to California to capture her birth. I booked a ticket for three days away, and we were set! Enter, Covid. She was 40 weeks pregnant, her husband contracted Covid, and she was still momming for her son. The decision was made to wait, and see if that sweet baby would stay put long enough for Dad to get healthy.

So, a week later I got a text that said, "Well, I'm still pregnant!", and they scheduled an induction. I rebooked my flight for the following day, and away I flew to San Diego! Fortunately for me, my brother, sis-in-law, and kiddos live there, so I had a place to stay and a vehicle. What a treat to wrap my family up and get to be in sunny California for a birth! The countdown was on - would Baby arrive before his induction, or stay cozy through the weekend?

He waited! Dad was healthy. Everything was set. The induction process started Sunday evening, and Mom and I were texting through the evening. I told her to let me know when she was between 3-4 cm because she was an hour's drive. 5:30 am came with a text that Mom was at 4 cm. I loaded up that minute and headed north. Forty minutes later, Mom sent a text that said, "Um, I'm at 10". WHAT!! I didn't fly all the way to California to miss this birth! So I wrote back, "cross your legs!!". I was 20 minutes from the hospital, and thankfully, traffic was nearly non-existent (a miracle for California - thank you Labor Day). Pedal to the metal, I grabbed my gear and FLEW into the hospital.

The nurses were so gracious and led me to the room, and made it just in time (even before the doctor)! After a few more minutes, the doctor arrived, and it was time for a baby! Doctors, nurses, and parents were laughing, telling jokes, and creating such a joyous space for Palmer's arrival. After a few short minutes, he was here! He entered the world quietly, taking everything in. I stayed with this new sweet family for a couple of hours before grabbing an In-N-Out lunch and making my way back to San Diego. Palmer got to snuggle his parents for a couple of days before heading home to meet his big brother. As always, I am in awe of the strength, power, grace, and magic of mothers, and am so grateful to be part of such an exquisite experience.