Always Remember The Day You Meet Your Baby

Hiring a birth photographer ensures that every moment of your baby's birthday is captured with love and attention by a professional. Let your birth team support you without worrying about working their camera, or finding their phone. As a certified birth photographer, I am uniquely trained to deliver images that will captivate you, encapsulate the memories of the day, and allow you to be present in your birth space without worrying that you'll miss a moment.

Packages starting at $1,325

Mother pulls her baby to her chest during birth in San Diego, California
Husband supporting his wife through labor and contractions during their Longmont, Colorado birth
Baby placed on mother's chest during her Denver area birth
Husband and wife connected during their first birth in Longmont, Colorado.
Nurse holding a swaddled new baby just moments after her birth near Denver, Colorado
Doula using a cool rag to soothe the birthing mom.
New parents gazing at their baby moments after he was born in Longmont, Colorado
Nurse taking newborns footprints shortly after birth near Denver, Colorado
Riding the wave of contractions during a birth at Avista Hospital.  Captured by Denver area birth photographer
Baby toes!  Nurse examines baby feet shortly after birth as captured by Denver area birth photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will I Get My Photos?

My editing turnaround time is three weeks for birth. I try to get a sneak peek within a week so you have images to share, and something to tide you over while you wait in anticipation.

Do I Have To Order Prints Through Your Store?

Nope! You will receive the printing rights to your images, so you are able to print through whichever lab you choose. That being said, I highly recommend a reputable printing lab rather than places like Walgreens or Costco. These photographs should showcase your beautiful family, so I recommend choosing a high-quality lab.

Where Are You Located?

I am a Denver-area Birth Photographer, based out of Erie, CO. I serve the Denver Metro area, and all along the front range. I have also traveled out of state for birth! So, if you're not local to Colorado but you love my work, I would be overjoyed to connect and capture your birth across the world!

What Kind Of Births Do You Photograph?

All kinds! Birth is unique to each family, and I love them all. Whether you are having a home birth or a planned c-section, whether you are having your first or your fifth, I would love to photograph your baby's birthday.

What Does It Mean To Be Certified?

I am a certified birth photographer, and what that really boils down to is: I have been trained specifically to capture the invisible and important elements of birth. As I mentioned above - birth is unique to each family, and there are so many wonderful nuances that go along with the process. I have had extensive training to ensure that your day is documented carefully and with intention. Much like your wedding day, your baby's birthday is something you cannot recreate. I want to make sure you have the moments you didn't even know existed to look back on for a lifetime.