Denver Metro Newborn Photographer

You only get 8 Sundays with your newborn. Then they're an infant. Then they're a toddler. Then before you know it, they're calling you "bro" and driving to the mall - do we still have malls?!

Remember their tiny baby toes, wrinkly foreheads, precious fingers, and sleepy snuggles. Newborn photography is how I get my baby fix. Watching my husband gaze adoringly at our daughter melted my heart in a way I can't explain in words. I miss how she melted into me and "fit" exactly where she was meant to be. I get misty over photos of her first days, and ache to remember the squeaky little breaths she took - it makes me want twenty more (kidding, kind of...)! There are hardly words to describe the wonder, but every time I leave a newborn session, I think "how is this my job?!" and I come home and swoon over every one of your images like they were my own.

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